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Gear Pre-Registration directions for use:

  • Fill in contact details (* are required)
  • Complete fields for gear that you will be bringing (1 line per item)
  • More than 6 items? Register some of them and bring the rest with you to item check-in and we'll add them for you.

Contact Details:

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Equipment Details:

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  • After you click "PRINT" button, QR-code will be generated and the form will be printed. Bring the form with QR-code with you (nothing is stored in our system, your info is embedded in the QR-code) and your equipment to our public check-in.
  • Each item requires you to purchase a $3.00 tag, and we will retain 20% commission on the final selling price.
  • You will be e-mailed daily if one or all of your items are sold.
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